Moving Parts

by Eplus

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1. Moving parts
The piece is draws influence from the work of the heavily sample and audio manipulated music of Amon Tobin. Much of this piece was created from an upright piano, a glockenspiel, a few software synthesisers (for the bass), and found sounds including electric heaters and cardboard boxes being hit with drum sticks, keys, staples and nails dropping onto a table and glass wind chimes dangling. The piece is heavily based on timbre, often repeating the same audio files with different effects and rhythms applied.

2. Not sleeping
Not sleeping is a calm, relaxed piece made from a piano, a glockenspiel, a shaker, cardboard boxes and tables. It emulates a performance of a live piano, being recorded and processed to a lush, ambient pad through means of micro-looping.

3. Sleep cycle
Sleep cycle is a sequel to the previous track, Not Sleeping, as it turns the final motives from the track into the main melody/riff and uses many of the same samples. The piece is more up-beat, bass heavy and rhythmically busy while maintaining a similar dreamy feeling throughout. Furthermore, the addition of a soft, brittle, acoustically recorded piano and lack of glockenspiel helps portray the state of sleep to the listener.

4. Transformed
Transformed was written using an upright piano, make shift percussion such as heaters, tables, and keys, effects and sampling within Logic Pro.
The compositional process began with the opening melody motive, created out of a manipulated piano chord played in quick succession and being followed by a pad made out piano sounds also. From here, a groove was constructed using sequenced found sounds, effects use and a sine wave bass.
The mood of the piece is energetic but thick with audio texture.

5. Standby
Standby is a short intermission piece which focuses on lower frequencies, as a response to the use of sub-basses in a lot of today’s music. The music is can be seen as being fairly abstract due to it never reaching any closing cadence. The aim of the piece was not to go somewhere, but to be suspended in one place, representing television broadcast standby and computer loading screens.

6. Fall
Fall is an indulgent ambient piano solo and electronics piece. Much of the piano and the electronics were recorded live through the use of a custom made Max MSP patch that was created. The process of the patch is as follows: The piano is recorded, the user selects which part of the recording he/she wants to playback and loop, the user selects the speed and direction of playback. The electronics give an otherwise ambient and vacant piano solo a sense of pulse.

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released June 30, 2012



all rights reserved


Eplus London, UK

//eplus is a composer, sound designer, performer and programmer from London, producing music that fuses electronic and free music with acoustic and found sounds. Concentrating on the overall sonic qualities to his pieces as well as putting in as much detail as possible, his music can be both intense and calming. ... more

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